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My name is Francois X. LEYTENS, I am living in Switzerland, happy father of three boys and passionate by technoloy.

I have over twenty years experience in the Information Systems industry. My experience ranges from general systems management to network, security, Identity and Federation, Web Services and SOA. My career has always been driven by my desire to work on the leading edge of technology, management, and business development. I am motivated by a wish to achieve a smooth balance between customer engagements, technical leadership, business development, and management.

I have always been comfortable to solve problems, to architecture solutions to improve IT Strategy and agility. I help organization to enable growth and rationalization aligning IT to business requirements, to promote and deliver global strategy and capability. Restructuring technology for delivering efficiency, business continuity, regulatory, legal objectives.


Most enterprises invest huge amounts of time and effort in battling the storms. Very few spend resources on preparing the ship. Instead, the call is “all hands on deck” to land the next catch and set the next net.

Kenvin Lee Smith

Inventor of POET and PEAF framework